Evolur Bedside Bassinet

[Review] Evolur Bedside Bassinet: A Piece of Art Serving Parenthood

Parenthood is wonderful, exciting, and full of restless nights. As new parents, we want to provide our kids the finest in safety, comfort, and enjoyment. Bedside bassinets are key during this trip. You want a bedside bassinet that fits all your demands and provides a safe and comfortable sleeping environment for your newborn. New parents love the Evolur Bedside Bassinet for good reason. This bassinet is ideal for new parents due to its versatility and style.

Product detail of Evolur Bedside Bassinet

Adjustable height for comfort

The high-quality Evolur Bedside Bassinet has various features to keep your baby safe and comfortable. Adjustable height enables you customise the bassinet’s height. Parent may reach newborns without getting out of bed with this function. Height adjustments keep your baby at the perfect height for eating and calming. The adjustable height lets C-section women care for their babies without straining their bodies. The Evolur Bedside Bassinet’s height adjustment is practical and pleasant for parents and newborns.

Evolur Stellar Bassinet and Bedside Sleeper, Easy to Fold and Carry, Lightweight and Portable Baby Bassinet, Height Adjustable, Mattress Pad Included, Beige
  • SAFE AND COMFORTABLE; Sleep soundly knowing that your baby is right next to you. The ASTM approved stellar is perfect for nursing moms and parents who want their baby close by. Recommended for babies up to 25 lbs, or 6 months of age
  • MADE FROM BEST QUALITY MATERIALS ; The stellar is constructed from soft non-allergenic fabric. It features mesh panels on either side that provides visibility to parents and enables optimum airflow for baby. It also features a sleek, modern design
  • HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE; Can be moved up or down to 5-positions (Adjusts from 26.5 > 27.5 > 28.5 > 29.5 > 30.5) to get your little one to the perfect height of your bed. Able to be used with a queen mattress. This lets parents have easy access to the baby – to nurse, to comfort or just Check up on your baby during the night
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE; Because it’s lightweight, the bassinet can be effortlessly moved around the house. It can be folded into the included carry bag for compact storage, carried around and then easily assembled for use
  • MAXIMUM CLOSENESS ; Unzip the drop side for easy access to your baby. With inward folding legs, the stellar can be positioned as close to the mattress as possible. Included Mattress pad of Dimensions – 34.5L” X 20.5W” X 1H” inches.

Side mesh for breathability

The mesh sides of the Evolur bedside bassinet allow airflow. This function gives your infant fresh air while sleeping to prevent suffocation and overheating. The mesh allows you monitor your baby from bed, giving you peace of mind and making nocturnal feedings and nappy changes easier. This function is helpful in warmer months when neonates sleep hot and uncomfortable. The mesh sides of the Evolur bedside bassinet keep your baby safe and comfortable.


Easy baby access

One of the most significant aspects of the Evolur Stellar Bassinet and Bedside Sleeper is easy baby access. With the bassinet next to your bed, you can comfort or care for your child without getting out of bed. The bassinet side panel can be lowered with one hand, making feeding and diaper changes easier. This feature is helpful for new mothers who need to care for their babies all night. You can keep your kid close and comfy with the Evolur Bedside Bassinet’s simple access.

Converts to playpen

Playpen functionality is a fundamental feature of the Evolur Bedside Bassinet. This is ideal for parents seeking a flexible piece of furniture that can grow with their child. Conversion is easy and takes minutes. A detachable canopy, mattress pad, and lockable wheels come with the bassinet. Once you remove the canopy and lower the bassinet sides, you’ll have a large playpen for your youngster to play and explore safely. This feature makes the bassinet easy to travel with because your child can sleep and play in it.

Portable, lightweight design

Lightweight and portable, the Evolur bedside bassinet stands out. This 24-pound bassinet is easy to transport around the house, allowing you to keep your infant close. The lightweight design makes it ideal for travel and parents who need to transfer the bassinet. The bassinet is ideal for apartments and small households due to its compact size. The lightweight and portable Evolur bedside bassinet is ideal for parents seeking a versatile sleep option for their newborn.

Wheels make movement easy

The Evolur bedside bassinet’s wheels make it easy to move. This feature is useful for parents who want to relocate the bassinet without disturbing their sleeping baby. The wheels rotate softly and smoothly, making them suitable for hardwood or tile flooring. When using the bassinet, the wheels can be locked to keep it secure. This function lets parents carry their infant throughout the house, making it easy to monitor their child while doing other tasks.

Built-in essentials storage

Built-in storage for essentials makes the evolur bedside bassinet easy. This bassinet has two storage pockets to keep newborn needs close. The sections can accommodate diapers, wipes, burp cloths, pacifiers, and other nighttime necessities. This function prevents parents from leaving the bedside to find these objects, which might disrupt the baby’s slumber and make it hard to fall asleep. Having everything at hand makes overnight feedings and diaper changes easier and faster with the evolur bedside bassinet.

Cover is removable and washable

The removable and washable cover of the Evolur Bedside Bassinet is notable. This function is crucial for parents who want their baby’s resting place to be tidy. The cover can be removed and washed in the machine, making bassinet cleaning easy. This helps in case of spills or mishaps. The removable cover also preserves the mattress and other parts of the bassinet, extending its lifespan. In general, the Evolur Bedside Bassinet’s detachable and washable cover makes it easier to use and maintain.

JPMA safety-certified

JPMA safety certification is essential to the Evolur bedside bassinet. It was examined and certified by the nonprofit Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association, which sets infant product safety standards. JPMA approval implies the bassinet meets the highest safety standards and has been evaluated for stability, durability, and other safety issues. Evolur bedside bassinet’s JPMA accreditation needs continuing safety testing to keep parents safe and trusting. This accreditation keeps Evolur bedside bassinet newborns safe.

Elegant and stylish appearance

  • Excellent design makes the Evolur bedside bassinet stand out.
  • The bassinet’s traditional style matches any nursery furniture.
  • Its rounded corners and clean lines give it a modern appeal, and its neutral hues make it easy to match with other furniture.
  • The bassinet canopy has a mosquito net that can be removed and changed, making it elegant and functional.
  • The Evolur bedside bassinet is useful and attractive, making it a great nursery accent.

Where to buy Evolur Bedside Bassinet?

Evolur Bedside Bassinet is available on Amazon. You can click “Buy on Amazon” button given below to purchase it from official Amazon website.

Final thoughts on Evolur Bedside Bassinet.

Evolur Bedside Bassinet

The Evolur Bedside Bassinet helps your baby sleep well, which is crucial for development. The cosy mattress is ideal for your baby to sleep on. The bassinet's gentle swaying soothes your infant by replicating the womb. One touch activates this gently rocking action, comforting and lulling your baby to sleep. The Evolur Bedside Bassinet is a great product for new parents. The adjustable height and ample storage capacity of this bassinet are ideal for both infant and parent. With its solid build and attractive design, this bassinet will add refinement and dependability to any nursery. The Evolur Bedside Bassinet is a great choice for first-time parents or those looking to improve their child's sleeping arrangements.

Editor's Rating:


  • Safe and comfortable
  • Made from best quality materials
  • Height adjustable
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Provides maximum closeness


  • Not As Sturdy As Crib

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